Champaign Central’s young musicians need the support of their family, friends, and community to give them the best musical education.  We are grateful for the many volunteers and friends who help make Central’s music program thrive.

2023 Fruit Sale Fundraiser is Under Way!

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How to Give


The music programs at Champaign Central High School—band, marching band, jazz band, choir, and orchestra—strive for the highest level of musical achievement through the dedication and strong work ethic of our students. Music programs offer priceless lessons in self-discipline, determination, leadership, and collaborative work toward shared goals. These traits and work habits carry over in our students long after they leave the concert hall and practice field as they become young adults who make varied and lasting contributions to their communities.

As a booster organization, we are committed to fundraising to support our programs, so that access to these high quality programs is not financially exclusive. Significant growth in enrollments in the music programs at Central coupled with school district budget cuts of recent years and an increase in the proportion of Central families considered low income has resulted in huge gaps between the music, equipment, and instrument needs of our programs and the funding available from the district and students’ families.

To continue to ensure full participation in our music programs is available to every interested student, we need your financial support. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is also tax deductible.

On behalf of the entire Central music family, thank you for your support.

Please make your check payable to “Champaign Central Music Boosters” and mail the check to “610 W. University Ave., Champaign, IL 61820 c/o Central Music”.